Windsurf Rentals in Tortola BVI

With year round trade winds, the British Virgin Islands is a windsurfers’ dream.  If you’ve never tried windsurfing before, now is your chance. Rent one of our beginner windsurf boards and ask our experienced instructors to show you how to rig your kit for some serious wind-driven fun.

Our beginner boards are HIFLY MOTIONS with dagger boards that can be retracted at any time. We have NORTH and PRYDE Sails.

Beginners Package $175/week

Wide board with small beginners sail. This package is for beginners and those wanting to try windsurfing for the first time.
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$60 $80 $100 $130 $150 $170 $175
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$190 $210 $230 $250 $270 $290 $295

Find us in Soper’s Hole or call us for inquiries. We offer free deliveries of our windsurf rentals to all boat companies in Tortola, BVI.

Windsurfing Rentals Tortola BVI

Please note, as a beginner, it is always wise to have your dinghy in the water and someone on stand-by in case the wind dies and you find yourself unable to make it back to the boat!